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Bear Eats Tiger by Fectopia

October 29, 2016

This blog was written by a Belgian blogger : Fectopia

So last weekend my boyfriend did a photoshoot for “bear eats tiger”, not as the model but as the photographer. I tagged along (like a supportive girlfriend would do)

“Bear eats tiger” is a Belgian clothing line for gym clothes.The creators of the brand were super nice and friendly, a young couple with big dreams. Exclusivity and creativity are a big deal for them, they want you to feel like you own something no one else has. They print and sew on the labels theirselves, a lot of work and passion goes into every single piece. Some pieces are limited edition with only 12 pieces/size.

The shoot itself was a really nice experience for everybody, it was their first ‘professional’ shoot and for my boyfriend the first shoot that isn’t family related. I hope a new collaboration has begun.

I believe they will succeed in their dreams because they are so motivated to make it work. They are working on a new site themselves with the new pictures but in the mean time it’s worth it to check out their current site and keep an eye on them, great things are coming.You can follow them on instagram and facebook!


ⓒ Arno Deckmyn

ⓒ Arno Deckmyn



Kind Regards to her and be sure to check out her blogs!

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