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Creamy yoghurt with raspberries and cookie dough

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When we think of a healthy breakfast, the first idea that comes to mind is yoghurt. Great! Until you go to the grocery store and face the hundreds of yoghurt types you can choose from.

Anyway, all types of yoghurt are good for your health, since it’s fermented and therefore easier to digest than other types of dairy. The difference lies mainly in the amount of fat. Greek, Bulgarian or Turkish yoghurt contain the most fat, about 10%. Regular ‘full fat’ yoghurt contains only 3% fat, while low-fat yoghurt contains 2,5% fat.

But the low-fat yoghurts are the ones that are less fulfilling than e.g. Greek yoghurt, since Greek yoghurt contains more (fat and) proteins. The best option, in our opinion, is the ‘low-fat Greek Yoghurt’! It contains less fat and more protein than regular yoghurt.

Yeah, yeah, stop with all this talking. Let’s eat!



  • 300gr low-fat Greek yoghurt
  • 125gr fresh raspberries
  • 1 Carb Killa Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar


This must be the easiest breakfast ever!

Preparation: Smash the fresh raspberries until smooth. Keep a couple of raspberries on the side, for garnish. Chop your Grenade Carb Killa Cookie Dough bar (or any other flavour) into small pieces.

Now that the preparation is done, take a bowl, and fill the bottom with a layer of low-fat Greek yoghurt. Top that with a layer of the smashed raspberries. Next comes a layer of the yoghurt again, which you top with pieces of Cookie Dough. And again, put a layer of yoghurt on it. You get the picture, just layer up yoghurt, raspberries and cookie dough chunks until your bowl is filled. Garnish with some raspberries and your last pieces of cookie dough.

TIP: Depending on the season, you can use other types of berries such as blueberries or strawberries. Or even use other types of fruit like bananas or peaches. Or what about dried or freeze-dried fruit? Just be creative!

Enjoy this bowl of creamy sweetness!  

Nutritional value

Kcal: 448 | Carbs: 32g (of which 2g sugar) | Fat: 14g | Protein: 40g


  • Looks so damn good! I’m trying this ASAP

    Stef De Maere
  • This even works as a late night or midnight snack for me, Moeahahahah xD

    Vincent De Buysscher

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