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Soft fudge brownie truffles

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We need to be honest with you guys; we tried to make healthy brownies but they kind of turned out to be a little too soft for a brownie. But hey, the taste was excellent, so we made some small adjustments. Or to be precise, we turned them into small soft truffle balls.  

These truffles are rich, creamy and will really fill you up. Sound like the perfect afternoon snack!

Ingredients (10 truffles)

  • 10 Medjoul dates
  • 3 table spoons of pure, raw cacao powder (+ some extra for garnish)
  • 20gr of Cashew nuts
  • Half of a Grenade Fudge Brownie


These truffles are ready in 2 minutes!

Put the dates and cashew nuts into your blender and mix until you have a very smooth paste.

Now add the cacao powder and mix again until the mixture turned completely dark brown (that means the cacao powder is fully mixed).

You’re not going to believe this but that’s about it! Chop half a Grenade Fudge Brownie into small pieces and mix them into your smooth dates paste.

Tip: you can use any other type of protein bar to add some extra texture or crunch to these truffles! Or maybe use another type of nuts? You choose!

To finish, take a small piece of your paste, knead it into a ball and roll it through some raw cacao powder. You should be able to get 10 truffles out of your mixture. I told you, these were going to be the easiest truffles you’ve ever made!

Nutritional value of 1 truffle

Kcal: 141 | Carbs: 32g (of which 29g sugar) | Fat: 1,4g | Protein: 2g

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  • Whoaw… Honestly… These photos just make me want to eat this right away! Well done Fien!

    Vinny Bear

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