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Meet the Athlete: Chloë Vanderstraeten

Chloë Vanderstraeteny: The Biography.


Quick stats:
- Age: 22Height: 170 cm
- Bikini Athlete
- Weight offseason: 74 kg
- Competition weight: 62 kg


My journey:

First it was about losing weight…
I used to be the lazy girl who was always eating. As my weight was going up and my confidence was going down, I got depressed. The only thing that made me feel better was food but then again I felt bad because of how my body was changing in a negative way. I knew I had to do something when I reached the weight of 80kg but I didn’t take action because well, I was lazy. All of that was about to change because of something my grandma said at a family gathering. In October 2013 I started my weight loss journey. Long story short: I got obsessed with the number on the scale, seeing my bones and doing tons of cardio.

Then I wanted to live again…
I had to change and that’s when I switched cardio for lifting weights. I fell in love with the iron and never missed a workout. The cardiobunny had become a powergirl. I even started tracking my protein intake but I didn’t had a clue what I was doing food-whise. I created an Instagram account and got inspired to get my diet on point. I decided to build mass and eat over maintenance. I couldn’t handle getting ‘fat’ and started losing weight again. But then the impossible happened: the muscular boy from the gym started to talking to me. We got together (we still are and will forever be) and he helped me to care less about my weight and focus on musclegrowth. Everything went well and I was happy.

And then I wanted to do something no one ever thought I could…
When scrolling through Instagram, I came across bikini competitors. I admired their bodies but also their willpower. It was time for a new challenge! I started working with a coach 27th December 2015. There were only a few people who believed in me because I was starting at a weight of 65,8kg and 21,8% bodyfat. As soon as my abs started to pop, some friends become frenemies, such a shame! I kept going and competed the very first time on 30th April 2016. Damn I loved being on stage! Afterwards I started bulking until the end of August 2016. A long series of competitions was waiting for me: 30th October 2016, 12th November 2016 and 26th November 2016.

But what about 2017?
Competing 4 times in 1 year is pretty hard for your body but it’s also mentally exhausting. I think a lot of other competitors can relate. That’s why I want to give my body enough time to recover and need to learn to accept that being 9% shredded all year round is not the ultimate goal. During winter I want to focus on building lean mass but also enjoy food that isn’t on my diet and become a fluffy strong Bear! I don’t know yet if I’m going to compete in 2017, we’ll see. One thing is for sure: next time I’m hitting the stage, I’ll bring a package that no one thought I could achieve! I can do this because I’ve got the support of the best team an athlete could wish for #TeamBearEatsTiger !

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